a new website built on Drupal

I would like to inform you about a new Czech website built on Drupal Content Management System. This website offer a catalog of masseurs, masseuses and massage studios in Brno (Czech Republic) and its surroundings.

The new site, which runs at has got nicely tuned design, which should not act aggressively, and should induce a sense of peaceful atmosphere. The massage studios and the catalogue are not the only content I would like to offer. You will find some articles about massages here later.

The catalogue is open to anyone. Anyone could paste its record to this catalogue including text, contact and prices information, link to their website and some photos. Each new record is saved to queue and published after administrator’s confirmation.

Massage and Drupal

Massage is a very pleasant thing, especially for a man who spends most of the computer, as I do and I assume that as many of you. As a man I was taking the massages regularly and thinking to create a similar web for a long time.

I choose Drupal for because it allows flexibility to define different types of content, so I have separated the web news, polls and articles from the records in the catalog of massage.

Coding of completed design was relatively easy. To ensure that the the site will have the same look in common browsers, I used the CSS Reset Styles, namely Yahoo Reset CSS from Yahoo UI. Website layout is based on two-columns layout from the Dynamic Drive CSS Layouts.

I believe that the website will find many visitor in a short time.