KDE 4.0 – Review

The K Desktop Environment or KDE is basically a desktop environment for UNIX platform. KDE is designed to accomplish the necessity of user-friendly desktop for UNIX platform; it is similar to desktop environments on operating systems such as Macintosh and Microsoft Windows.

KDE 4.0

After a long wait, last week KDE 4.0 was released officially. This release has an extensive development involved in it. KDE4.0 release escorts to a new way for open-source desktop environment which includes many new exciting features. However as it includes some exciting features it also has some pitfalls, it comes with various new bugs and still there is lot of work needed.  

KDE 4.0

KDE 4.0 Desktop

KDE 4.0 and Qt 4

Qt 4 is the most recent version of Trolltech's open-source platform and is largely used to develop KDE 4.0. Using Qt 4, KDE has developed significant performance developments. It offers various stylish new attributes to the developers, like Scribe text layout and the Arthur painting framework. KDE 4 also developed high prospects - the most valued features of Qt 4 along with the fundamental changes of Trolltech's model of licensing. The migration of KDE to a powerful latest CMake-based build system resulted KDE developers in leveraging Qt’s intuitive cross-platform attuned to design a platform-neutral desktop environment. The most innovative development of KDE 4.0 is the inclusion of a KDE Mac OS X port and Windows port.

KDE 4.0

KDE 4.0 Showing the run dialogue, clock plasmoid and Dolphin file manager

News in KDE 4.0

The free software desktop KDE 4.0 is featured with ample applications for a routine use. Plasma, a new Desktop Shell designed for KDE 4.0 provides instinctive interface to link with the desktop and applications. It also incorporate new Oxygen Visual Style, the Solid hardware layer, the Phonon multimedia system, Strigi indexing system and the Kross scripting framework. The desktop is encompassed with the Konqueror web browser. The basic desktop set seems to be complete which includes the Okular document reader, The Dolphin file manager and the System Settings control center. The Window manager KWin supports sophisticated graphical effects to ease interaction with your windows.

KDE 4.0

KDE 4.0 Dolphin and early Oxygen icons

KDE 4.0 on Windows

One of the exciting new features of KDE 4.0 is - it can be installed on Windows OS. Using Windows OS you can experience the most exciting experience of these significant applications. Currently the installation of KDE4.0 is available only for the advanced users. However the other users will have to wait for some time till the ready-to-install version is released. The advanced users can assemble KDE 4.0 by using the available toolkit    

KDE is free and open source to build all the applications from scratch from their source code. To run the KDE 4.0 application on Windows OS, users can use the installer to download and install the range of binary packages.  

KDE 4.0 is at a very initial step after its release; however the fundamental technology is very promising. There is lot of criticism from various end users and internet forums about KDE 4.0. It seems that KDE 4.0 has got a long way to replace KDE 3.5.