NOD32 3.0 – a new antivirus Ferrari

Towards the end of October 2007, ESET company came up with a new protection system. The new version of the popular antivirus software, NOD32, is an alternative to Eset Smart Security, a complete antivirus system including antivirus, antispyware, firewall and antispam. As was rightly mentioned by the company members during the Invex fair held in Brno, not everyone is willing to trust a new product and using NOD32 is like driving a Ferrari. 

In the following lines I will introduce you the new version NOD32 3.0. If you are still using version 2.7, I recommend that you upgrade it to version 3.0. The licence allowing you to update for free for a year means that upgrading from an older version to NOD32 3.0 is free as well. The new version comes with new technologies that noticeably alter the inside of the programme and the way it looks.

New look for Windows Vista

The new version of NOD32 is fully compatible with Windows Vista. You can install 32-bit or 64-bit version. It is no surprise that Czech language is supported. The user environment of NOD32 3.0 has been totally reorganised to get an up-to-date feeling. For a long time, Eset was conservative about its user environment and so it took several years to change the antivirus interface. The interface is still absolutely user-friendly.

NOD32 3.0

New interface of NOD32 – simple mode

In the NOD32 3.0 user environment, features can be approached through simple or advanced mode. On the left side is a list of the main features and on the right side are main functions of the module you have chosen. The advanced mode gives you an advantage mostly in Eset Smart Security, which is handled in the same way as NOD32.  When you activate the advanced mode in NOD32 you can choose from only a couple of options relating to antivirus or antispyware.

NOD32 3.0

NOD32 3.0 – advanced mode

The security status informs about checked or infected objects. Normally, the test of a computer is run in the background. However, you have got the option of running it manually. A standard test scans the whole computer with set scan parameters. A custom test allows you to choose directories or files to be scanned as well as scanning level and enables you to choose a scan without healing.

NOD32 – a computer scan

Setting the next options and parameters, you will get to the scanning core of the technology called ThreatSense. Here you can choose what types of objects NOD32 should control. Memory, boot sectors, files, e-mail, archives or runtime packers are the usual options to choose from in most of antiviruses. NOD32 usually detects threats heuristically and it can handle programmes like adware (advertisement) , spyware (spies) or riskware. It can detect potential threats that were created using high-level programming languages, which is something that distinguishes it from other antiviruses. It has phishing security as well.

NOD32 3.0

As always, it has a very fast scanning rate

Healing consists of several levels. With the default setting, all files are scanned. If this setting does not suit your purposes, you can set particular file extensions to specify types of files you want to check. Though test of a computer or a scan run in the background are sufficiently fast, they do not slow down your computer, which is a typical feature of NOD32. However, you can turn off the low priority of the test and thus take an advantage of the programme running at its maximum rate.

NOD32 3.0

Setting the scanning engine

So far, we have been dealing with scanning options only. Getting to the properties of the programme itself, you can set background options of a computer scan as well as turn off Antistealth technology. NOD32 allows you to set each tiny detail of resident protection.

NOD32 3.0

Choosing a protection type

Web-page blocking

NOD32 can automatically identify email clients and set email protection. Unlike the previous versions, warnings are, in the default settings, attached to infected messages only. Suspicious emails are automatically moved to a special folder – this is an option that can be set as well. It is no surprise that NOD32 can handle general communication through an email protocol POP3. It is not restricted to only a few supported programmes.

NOD32 3.0

Real-time file system protection settings

Parents and administrators who maintain so-called “family” computers might find the web-page blocking feature useful. Not only can it handle phishing, but NOD32 can block web-pages you have chosen. The list can consist of particular web-pages as well as their parts. A feature contrary to the previous one enables you to choose web-pages that will be accessible anytime. If you use more than one browser it is recommended you identify them in the NOD32 settings. You will gain maximum protection and control over transferring data. Apart from that, you can deal with HTTP protocol port numbers.

NOD32 3.0

Email protection

The NOD32 settings are comprised of options relating to scheduler, quarantine, event protocol, event warnings or password protection. The last option comes in handy when a couple of users work with one computer and one of them is an administrator (he or she can, for instance, set web-page blocking feature for particular web-pages). You can take advantage of remote programme access or email client integration. 

NOD32 update

Usually users want to know how often an antivirus is updated. It can be claimed that NOD32 updates frequently – once a day at least. Moreover, it is claimed that up to 90% of threats, which are detected by other antiviruses only after update, are recognized due to the ThreatSense technology.

NOD32 3.0

HTTP filter settings

The new version NOD32 3.0 has an improved file control system which can handle multiprocessor systems in full. Therefore each processor can handle a different file. The update size should be smaller than the one in previous versions.

NOD32 3.0

NOD32 3.0 includes quarantine and sheduler

From my point of view, an antivirus of the quality of NOD32 deserves to be sold for such a price. For further information about NOD32 3.0 visit Czech review can be found at