Website value calculator

Have you ever think what is the value of your website? Yes, the real price may differ. The bigger price is for the owner, the lower is for the potential buyer. But there is a tool that will helps with website value calculation. You can use it to check your competitors too. Moreover this tool will also check the number of backlinks, Alexa rank, PageRank, indexed pages and more.

So what's the name of the tool mentioned above? The useful tool for website worth calculation is Cubestat. There are many tools like it but I think that the information provided by the Cubestat's website value calculation are on of the most accurate.

Why do I think this? Simply, I tried to calculate worth of several of my websites. I never tried to sell any of my websites, but as I can see information about daily pageviews and daily ads revenue, I can confirm that this values are very close to reality.

So feel free to try the Cubestat. Is is simple and free tool that will help you to continue building your website. Just point your browser to the URL, provide your website URL and click the Check button.

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