Windows startup screens and sounds

Which version of Windows did you see at first? Do you remember its look, boot screen and startup sound? First versions were without any sounds. But with success of soundcards there was startup sound in every new version of this operating system. Take a look at the video with all bootup screens and startup sound from Windows history.

Web browsers and phishing: how them protect you?

Most of all modern web browsers contain phishing protection. Users are secured from malicious websites trying to get their passwords, login information or private data. Do not trust e-mails telling you need to confirm or update login information to bank account or to PayPal service. These e-mails are very often these days, so I have tried how the browsers will behave when the phishing page is loaded. There is a result:

RikReader: improved RSS reader for IE7

Internet Explorer comes with built-in RSS reader. So it’s similar to Firefox or Opera browsers. However many people found the RSS reader in IE7 uncomfortable. If you are looking for better RSS reader based on RSS built in Windows Vista and IE7, try new application called RikReader. RikReader can be installed using Clickonce technology from its homepage. Then, you will find shortcuts in Start menu and Add/Remove applications.