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Photo HowTo and Screenshots Archive updates

We have made some changes to our websites Photo HowTo and Screenshots Archive in the last days. As you probaly know, the Photo HowTo website is intended to amateur photographers and helps them with articles about taking photos, editing photos and with photo software and websites articles. The newest article's type is digital camera reviews. After a few weeks of lower activity, this website is now regularly updated. The latest improvement is in navigation menu.

Website value calculator

Have you ever think what is the value of your website? Yes, the real price may differ. The bigger price is for the owner, the lower is for the potential buyer. But there is a tool that will helps with website value calculation. You can use it to check your competitors too. Moreover this tool will also check the number of backlinks, Alexa rank, PageRank, indexed pages and more.

Drupal websites and HostGator experience

This weekend I looked for a new webhosting for my two Drupal projects. After stumbling a few forums I decided to try HostGator webhosting and its Baby package. I have to say that I was impressed by the professional look of their services and their customer support. Setting up a new webhosting was a question of a few minutes. After it was done I started moving my websites.

How to count your Drupal website RSS subscribers?

Website owners using Drupal have a very detailed log of access available directly in their admin pages. However there is no built-in functionality which could show how many RSS subscribers does the website have. You have all the neccessary information available in the log. So only thing you have to do is to find them and to show them. I will show you how to prepare a block that will inform you and your readers about current RSS subscribers count.

Must have RSS sources for Drupal fans

Everyone interested in CMS Drupal has own list of favorites RSS sources related to Drupal. There is a mother of sources – Drupal.org. I am sure that you know the main RSS source on this website. But I think that many of you search for regular information about new module releases, new modules build, information for developers or Drupal theme creators. I prepared the list of useful English Drupal sources and here is it:

PNG transparency in IE and Drupal

Website creators often fight with older versions of Internet Explorer. This browser before version 7 doesn’t support transparent PNG images. Using PNG pictures with the transparency has certain foundation. GIF that the Internet Explorer 6 support without problems works with maximum of 256 colours and transparency in this format is impossible confront with alpha channel transparency in PNG images. Fortunately it is possible Internet Explorer 6 and 5.5 relatively easily make to respect the entire advantage of PNG format included its transparency.

Where to get your domain appraisal

Do you know how much is your domain name worth? There are a few sites with automatic domain name appraisals and other useful tools. It’s good to know what your domain worth is. But note that any automatic calculation is very inaccurate. So don’t worry if you get different prices on different domain name appraisals sites. OK, there are URLs for the calculation sites:

Where to submit URL of your site

Search engines and their crawlers/bots automatically and periodically checks your site. The more your site is updated, the more it is checked by the crawlers. You need the backlinks to your site too. But what can you to do if you started with totally new website without backlinks? How could the crawlers find your site? There is a simple answer. Submit your site to the most known search engines manually.

Stay up to date with Drupal modules on your site

There is no problem to administer your site powered by Drupal because it is a very smart and friendly content management system. So your website can run without any big problems. But there is one thing you need to do and this thing could be very time expensive. You should periodically check if Drupal modules used on your site are up to date with bug fixes and improvements.

Checking all modules status one by one is very boring. Waiting for pages loading, reading about available updates... But there is a simple solution that helps you and can save your costly time. Try Update Status module for Drupal. If you have configured cron on your site properly, this module checks for available updates periodically every day and tells you if you need to do some action.

Update Status checks only for official releases with the name like 5.x-1.0. It doesn’t check for development version of modules with name like 5.x-1.x-dev. But this is not a problem. It is better to use only stable modules.