How to solve "cannot open password prompt from OS X preferences"

For unknown reason I went into problems with my OS X installation. Whenever I needed to change some system preferences (like allowing the apps to control the computer), the password prompt window after clicking the lock button hasn't appeared. After spending a lot of time on forums and typing a lot of commands to to terminal without success I've found the solution is pretty easy.

Most frequent computer activity – waiting

Though computers are becoming faster and the older machines become obsolete in a very short time, computers still lack a feature, which would make them a lot more comfortable to use – it is the nuisance having to wait for many applications to finish their job. Do you think that your high-end computer – which may have cost you several thousand dollars cannot be faster? Try to think about the time you spend waiting for something while working on the computer…

AltGr key character combination

There is a key map for the AltGr key combination. Because of many international keyboards doesn’t have some special characters like @, €, {} and many others, you need to use Alt and numpad code combination or better the faster method using AltGr and the key. This key map was very welcome at my Czech website After some changes and translation to the English, there is a new version. I hope you’ll find it useful. However there is a Czech keyboard on the key map, but I think it can help you with any non-english keyboard.