Shall we meet in person or virtually?

For the first contact, I prefer email communication directed to jan@polzer.cz. With regular clients, of course, we communicate by phone or social media.

I’m also happy to connect with you via video conferencing, such as Google Meet, Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

Office, Jan Polzer

Billing information

Jan Polzer
Černého 45
635 00 Brno
Czech Republic

ID: 75684411
VAT ID: CZ8012293839
Registered with the Brno City Administration on 4 August 2005, registration No. 370306-67944-01, on 19 December 2005, registration No. 370200-2172865-00 and on 23 October 2006, registration No. 370200-825516997.

You will find me not only
on social media

I don’t neglect social media. I am active on Facebook, where I have a company and private profile, on Twitter and LinkedIn I share my articles as well as tips on interesting things from the Internet that I come across while surfing.

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Jan Polzer