Drupal 9 Training

By a certified specialist

Do you want to start creating a website based on Drupal? If you don’t want to study from books, tutorials, videos and other materials on the Internet, then I invite you to my Drupal training courses for administrators and web developers, as well as to narrowly focused courses organized for those who already have some understanding of Drupal.
Drupal Training

Overview of Drupal training

Individual, public and corporate training

Individual, public and corporate training

Training focused on Drupal administration, module development and theme creation. It covers general topics in its field and is designed for familiarization and a quick introduction to the subject.
Two and four-day training courses

Two and four-day training courses

The duration of the training is two, three or four days depending on the topics discussed. The course runs from 9:00 to 16:00 with a one hour lunch break. The time can be adjusted by arrangement. In between I take breaks as agreed with the trainees.
At my office or at your company

At my office or at your company

Drupal classes are held in Brno (direct airport connection to London), Czech Republic in my office. Of course, I can also provide corporate training at your premises, all over the Czech Republic or Slovakia.

Content of training

Drupal 9 for module and theme developers

In this two-day training, I’ll teach you how to create Drupal 9 appearance themes as well as extension modules. This is not a CSS and PHP training. You should be proficient in CSS coding for this course, but as far as PHP is concerned, basic knowledge and the ability to write code is enough.

I’ll show you what makes up a design theme, how the Twig templating system works, and most importantly, when and how to modify templates so that you can edit the output HTML with CSS to the form given by the graphic design.

The second day of the course, dedicated to module creation, will show you how to create new pages programmatically in Drupal, how to work with Symfony components, handle permissions, create forms and handle their data, and create blocks and other entities in Drupal.


Drupal 9 for administrators and web developers

This course is designed for beginners who have never worked with Drupal before, or had trouble installing it and have not really gotten into Drupal.

You’ll learn how to set up Drupal correctly and use content categorization and content types. We’ll show you how to work with user profiles, create layouts, and work with images. The second day of the course is dedicated to the necessary more advanced parts of Drupal, such as Views, multilingual sites, and some additional modules for working with forms and SEO.

Jan Polzer

Who will train you

Acquia Certified Developer & Site Builder

I hold the certifications Acquia Certified Developer for Drupal 7, Site Builder for Drupal 8 and Site Builder for Drupal 9. I won third place at the 2019 Drupal CS Awards in the freelancer category. I’m a member of the Drupal Association, I’ve written several books on Drupal and I’ve been training for over twelve years.

Most of all, I actively work with Drupal and build my own and my clients’ websites on it. So I can give you actual insights from practice, not just boring theory.

During Drupal training I put a strong emphasis on practical mastery of the issues discussed. So it is not a lecture, but a real training with practice and real examples from practice. I have been training Drupal since 2009.

Competent Drupal expert

logo Drupal Association Acquia Certified Site Builder – Drupal 9 Acquia Certified Site Builder – Drupal 8 Acquia Certified Developer – Drupal 7

Dates and price of Drupal training

Termíny školení

Since the arrival of COVID, I have no specific dates and all training is completely customized. However, I have trained several times in 2021 and 2022.

Místo školení

Brno, Botanická street, Aquatis building. Check the map.

Cena školení

from 300 € (+ VAT)
per participant for a two-day training course, depending on the length of the course and the number of participants.

Sample outline for corporate Drupal training

I will tailor a training course to suit your existing knowledge and needs for working in Drupal. The training can be two to five days, it is also possible to spread it over time, so that you can gradually test the acquired knowledge in practice. Please feel free to contact me.

Sample curriculum from a corporate training offering where attendees had basic Drupal experience through self-study and required a comprehensive overview.
Drupal basics, installation, server requirements, working with content, user accounts. Entities, content types, custom fields. Images.
Custom content types, working with Views module, displaying data from Drupal database in different forms, user filtering, backups, moving site, configuration management.
Optionally. Multilingual websites on Drupal, SEO, breakpoints, responsive images, modules for improving administration, forms, antispam, custom image crops, practical examples.
Optionally. Basics of creating appearance templates in Drupal (i.e. not the basics of CSS, but the basics of the Twig templating system and in general how it’s put together in Drupal and how to affect HTML output, where to link styles and JavaScript)

Two-phase training sessions are very popular, where we first get to know the basics of Drupal, and once it gradually settles down, we start building a specific website together according to your graphic specifications. I won’t code it for you, but we will consult together on specific solutions in administration as well as in coding the theme layout and Twig templates.

Drupalu Training

Testimonials from Drupal training participants

For a long time various “professional” companies convinced us how complicated Drupal 8 is and how complicated our website solution is. In your D8 training you showed us that using D8 for our website is not only possible, but that we can implement it ourselves. Not only the training itself, but also the information on your website and the subsequent consultation of our solution was very beneficial.
Ing. Miroslav Balík, Ph.D, Vice Dean and Ing. Lukáš Bařinka, Faculty of Information Technology CTU in Prague
In August 2018, I attended a Drupal training course focusing on more advanced techniques for working with this content management system (Twig templating system, etc.). I highly appreciate the expertise of the lecturer Jan Polzer. The training was very well prepared in terms of professional and organizational aspects, the explanations were clear and understandable. To any problem or ambiguity Mr. Polzer promptly responded. But what is important to say, even after the training and subsequent independent work, Mr. Polzer is willing to advise via online communication if necessary. In the 6 years or so that we have known each other, he has always responded to my inquiries about various Drupal issues and we have always resolved everything. The training met my expectations so much that I am already planning another one in Drupal. I highly recommend training with Mr. Polzer to the general professional public.
Ing. Peter Tokoš, Secondary School of Information Technology, Ostrovského 1, Košice, Slovakia
I highly recommend Drupal training from Jan Polzer, because within a few minutes of the training you could see that Jan really understands Drupal and lives Drupal. I really appreciate his training, because I came to Jan with custom requirements and I wanted to rebuild one of our websites to Drupal during the three days of training. If anyone is thinking about Drupal training, I definitely recommend Jan.
David Hrabě, IT Project Manager, Nestlé
Professional, dense and efficient. Three days packed with information, resulting in a deep foundation sufficient to deal with standard situations and understand the principles and philosophy of Drupal - both in terms of managing and configuring the system and creating custom themes and modules. I can’t imagine any other way to learn so much in a short period of time. My thanks to Mr. Polzer.
Mgr. Vlastimil Krejčíř, Masaryk University, Institute of Computer Science
Thank you for the factual, detailed and professional training. I have broadened my horizons. I am happy to take another course. I can only recommend it.
Jakub Janda, GSoft Society s.r.o.


What do I need for training?
Definitely your laptop. It will be good to have some Drupal installation ready for training on creating modules and themes. We will prepare it together during the admin training. In both cases, a command-line hosting approach with Composer is ideal. If you don’t have one, then I will provide one for training purposes.
Will I get a training certificate?
As a standard I do not give any certificate, diploma or certificate. The purpose of my training is to prepare you for practice. It is entirely up to you whether you make use of the knowledge you have gained. If you still need a certificate of completion, we will make arrangements.
Is training possible in our company?
I’m sure it is. By appointment I can provide one-day or multi-day training directly at your company’s headquarters.
Are text materials included in the training?
During the Drupal training, I will recommend online resources for further study and point you to the appropriate section of the Drupal online documentation. In addition, I can recommend my Drupal books.

Corporate customized training

Training tailored to your needs and projects

In addition to public training, I offer a customized curriculum. If you already have a partial knowledge of the subject matter, need to go in depth on some topics and skip others, just make an appointment.

Also popular are training sessions where we work step-by-step on the specific project you are tackling.

Jan Polzer