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Based on Drupal

I will create an e-shop on top of Drupal using Drupal Commerce or a custom written module. If one-size-fits-all e-commerce solutions are not for you, let’s build a sales website together.
Ecommerce based on Drupal

When don’t you reach for a standard e-shop?

Ecommerce website
  • Sales are extremely important to you, but you also need maximum customization of your e-shop design. You sell specialty products that deserve the utmost care in terms of presentation.
  • Do you want to have a sales form on the site or a few products with a shopping cart embedded directly into the site.
  • While universal e-commerce solutions now offer connections to more and more carriers, payment systems and price comparators, you need connections to your own cash register, warehouse or accounting.
  • You have decided to run a sales gallery or e-shop where, for various reasons, it is not worth the monthly fees to rent a ready-made solution.
  • It is interesting for you to access data in your e-shop using REST API or JSON API. For example, if you have your own middleware that will synchronize data between multiple applications.

Latest e-shops on Drupal

Realizace webu Z Čech

Z Čech

Extensive portal and eshop presenting products from Czech manufacturers. 3rd place on Drupal CS Awards 2019.

Realizace webu Erebos


E-shop solution for energy drink manufacturer. Prepared in cooperation with the Lesensky.cz agency.

Realizace webu Alerion e-shop

Alerion e-shop

Online sales of flags, emblems, shields and accessories.

Realizace webu Knihy Polzer

Knihy Polzer

Presentation of my books not only about Drupal.

Realizace webu Books&Pipes


Eshop of a specialized publishing house with a long tradition

Realizace webu CDK


Website and e-shop offering books, individual magazines and subscriptions

More references
Jan Polzer

How do I build e-shops on Drupal?

A long time ago I built my first Drupal e-shop on the Ubercart module. It was a hard-won experience. I was learning to work with Czech realities of accounting, legislation, payment gateways and sales in general.

After a few more projects, I came to believe that as great, open and flexible as Drupal is, its modules are not suitable for Czech e-shops. However, Drupal Commerce came up with a solution that has some potential.

Today, I combine Drupal Commerce with custom written modules and use complete solutions or partial components from this platform. I am able to write the necessary connections to payments, accounting, warehousing and other e-commerce systems.

I am familiar with Drupal

I have official certifications proving my experience with Drupal 7 (Acquia Certified Developer, 2014), Drupal 8 (Acquia Certified Site Builder, 2017) and Drupal 9 (Acquia Certified Site Builder, 2020).
I am also an individual member of Drupal Association and help its development with regular contributions. I write books on Drupal and regularly publish articles on the same topic on my blog.
logo Drupal Association Acquia Certified Site Builder – Drupal 9 Acquia Certified Site Builder – Drupal 8 Acquia Certified Developer – Drupal 7 Expert Rating Certified Professional – Drupal 6

Awards and Certifications

2nd place in websitescategory, Lemur awards (2021)
3rd place in Freelancer category, Drupal CS Awards (2019)
2× in TOP3, WebTop100 competition (2018, 2022)
1st place, in the SCIAP Competition, Internet category (2013)

Do you also want an eshop on Drupal?

We’ll discuss the options, I’ll give you a no-obligation quote for the project

If you are interested in my references, knowledge and offer and would like to collaborate on your project, please contact me. I can help you to realize smaller sites and larger web projects. Occasionally I also collaborate on partial tasks, such as programming a Drupal module or a WordPress plugin.

If we can’t agree on a collaboration, I’ll try to recommend one of my colleagues in the industry.

Jan Polzer