Web Development

Determining the specific price for the creation of a website, for the creation of a website on the Drupal or WordPress content management system and for other activities that I deal with is very individual. Each project will require a different amount of time, and in many cases it is not possible to charge by the hour.
Websites pricelist

Indicative prices

The price for specific web pages varies according to their specific specifications.
For at least a basic price idea, I offer you a basic indicative price list for web programming:

Simple website

based on Hugo platform

from 1,420 €

  • Content editing with markdown syntax
  • Management via Git and web interface
  • Maximum security, no PHP
  • Lightning fast load times
  • Runs on cheapest hosting

Flexible fast websites with content editing using text files. Excellent choice for smaller projects.


Bigger website

based on Drupal or WordPress

from 2,030 €

  • Comfortable administration
  • Possibility of language versions
  • Flexible content structure
  • Excellent rating in Core Web Vitals
  • Proven content management system

Websites with CMS and comfortable administration will be appreciated for projects that need to develop.

Let's go


tailored on the Drupal foundation

from 2,440 €

  • Completely customised, no ready-made
  • Connection to online payment gateways
  • Feeds for price comparators
  • Various transport options
  • Discount codes, product variations

Design e-shop is suitable for smaller sales portals, where template solutions do not suit you.


Web Applications

based on Symfony framework

as the specifications

  • Special customized websites
  • Uses a popular framework
  • Linking to third party services
  • Graphs, statistics, mobile notifications
  • Middleware, helper applications

Symfony is a great fit for intranets and websites that work with data more than content.


Software consultancy, ongoing website modifications – 49 €/hour.

Annual flat rate for site security updates – 200 € according to the size of the site.

Prices do not include VAT.

I work with a wide range of experts from different fields. As part of my comprehensive services, I am able to arrange professional graphics, SEO, PPC or social media campaign management.

Web Services Overview

You’ve made up your mind?

Let’s go to the new website together

If you are interested in my references, knowledge and offer and would like to collaborate on your project, please contact me. I can help you to realize smaller sites and larger web projects. Occasionally I also collaborate on partial tasks, such as programming a Drupal module or a WordPress plugin.

If we can’t agree on a collaboration, I’ll try to recommend one of my colleagues in the industry.

Jan Polzer