selection of websites I have created

Overview of websites built on Drupal, WordPress, Symfony and other platforms. I’ve created a number of them over the years of freelancing. Of course, the list below is not complete. Some sites have already merged with others, others I’m forbidden to mention by my contract with clients.
Webdesign portfolio
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Realizace webu Polzer-SW



The website you are currently viewing. My English website built on the Hugo platform.

Realizace webu LOMAX



In Lesensky.cz agency we built a website for the largest Czech manufacturer of garage doors. The website built on Drupal was among the finalists of the LEMUR 2022 Award.

Case study

Realizace webu Goal Sport Software

Goal Sport Software


Website of a supplier of audiovisual equipment and software not only for sports stadiums. On the site you will find a range of solutions and examples of international implementations. The website was created in Lesensky.cz agency.

Realizace webu TIC Brno

TIC Brno


B2B presentation offering services of the Brno Tourist Information Centre running on Drupal. Here you can find space rentals, information about organized festivals and press releases.

Realizace webu Guzman



In cooperation with Corporate Publishing I have prepared a website for a company offering turnkey houses. In addition to a catalogue of homes, you will also find a number of useful tips on this site.

Realizace webu FILI CLINIC



Introduction of a modern dental practice in Brno. The classic offer of services and price list are complemented by business cards of individual doctors and nurses you will meet in the office. The website runs on WordPress.

Realizace webu Edova poradna

Edova poradna


The presentation of the speech therapy clinic built on WordPress benefits from animations and illustrations. The result is a website with an easy-to-remember visual, which has a guide in the form of a cartoon character.

Realizace webu Správa majetku města Miroslavi

Správa majetku města Miroslavi


Information website of the service organization of Miroslav. Citizens can find important contacts and current news about everyday life in the town. The website runs on WordPress.

Realizace webu Aidite



For an international branded supplier of dental materials, I prepared a simple website without an editorial system, where visitors can find a presentation of individual products and services.

Realizace webu Cytoskeleton



Web presentation of Cytoskeleton Consortium Prague research. It is a young team of scientists from the fields of biology, chemistry and physics working on cytoskeleton research.

Realizace webu Učíme se abecedu

Učíme se abecedu


A simple game used as an aid for learning the Czech and Ukrainian alphabet. It is based on the pexes principle, where you turn the cards and look for pairs. In this case you are looking for a match between the characters of two alphabets.

Realizace webu PPC Profits

PPC Profits


I built the website of an online marketing agency according to the graphic design on Drupal content management system. The overview of services is complemented by articles from the industry.

Realizace webu Datasys



In the framework of cooperation with Good Sailors I joined the realization of the web presentation of a company providing IT services. The bilingual website is based on the WordPress system.

Realizace webu Ty Brďo

Ty Brďo


Blog of Pavel Hodal, computer science teacher and lover of India. The structure of the site is also subordinated to the various topics, where, in addition to the blog section, you will also find a guide to the Indian subcontinent.

Realizace webu Bmedic



Offer preparatory courses for the medical entrance examination.

Realizace webu Haly pro vinaře

Haly pro vinaře


Microsite offering prefabricated halls running on CMS Backdrop.

Realizace webu Studentský dům

Studentský dům


A small website presenting the offer of student housing in Brno.

Realizace webu Videokuchařka



Server with an extensive database of recipes and video recipes

Realizace webu Cihlu k cihle

Cihlu k cihle


Website of the protected housing project in Brno

Realizace webu Maxiorel.com



My English written blog about programming and web development

Realizace webu Lesensky.cz



Corporate website of the Lesensky.cz agency, 2nd place in the WebTop100 2018 competition

Realizace webu Meracus



Presentation of a Czech manufacturer of menstrual aids and quality clothing.

Case study

Realizace webu Doksany Parish

Doksany Parish


The website of the Roman Catholic parish of Doksany offers an overview of services, current events in the parish, a photo gallery or an overview of monuments and a window into the history. It runs on Drupal.

Case study

Realizace webu VOŠ a SŠ Boskovice

VOŠ a SŠ Boskovice


Website of the higher vocational and secondary school in Boskovice.

Realizace webu Z Čech

Z Čech


Extensive portal and eshop presenting products from Czech manufacturers. 3rd place on Drupal CS Awards 2019.

Realizace webu Fayn



A telephone operator's website offering its services.

Realizace webu FEKT VUT



A set of web pages for institutes of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication Technologies of Brno University of Technology.

Realizace webu Praha 9

Praha 9


In cooperation with Good Sailors I prepared the website of the Prague 9 municipal district.

Realizace webu HPST



Presentation of a company providing services in chromatography, spectroscopy and molecular biology. I prepared the website in cooperation with KNOW HOW solutions.

Realizace webu Kalíšek



Website about menstrual cups, but also other topics for girls and women

Realizace webu MK Řeznovice

MK Řeznovice


Web presentation of table tennis sports clubs.

Realizace webu MJ Energie

MJ Energie


Energy supplier presentation. Built in cooperation with the Lesensky.cz agency.

Realizace webu Chytré Líchy

Chytré Líchy


Presentation of the new urban district in Židlochovice. Prepared in cooperation with the Lesensky.cz agency.

Realizace webu Erebos



E-shop solution for energy drink manufacturer. Prepared in cooperation with the Lesensky.cz agency.

Case study

Realizace webu Acraft



Presentation of representatives of Czech manufacturers of agricultural and transport equipment.

Realizace webu Alerion e-shop

Alerion e-shop


Online sales of flags, emblems, shields and accessories.

Realizace webu SOS domácí péče

SOS domácí péče


A portal for all those who care for seriously ill patients. Tips and advice.

Realizace webu Národní park České Švýcarsko

Národní park České Švýcarsko


Official website of the National Park. Prepared in cooperation with Good Sailors.

Realizace webu Knihy Polzer

Knihy Polzer


Presentation of my books not only about Drupal.

Realizace webu Rocca



Online roofing catalogue and company presentation. Prepared in cooperation with the Lesensky.cz agency.

Realizace webu SolSol



Website of a wholesaler of solar panels and inverters. The website was prepared in 30 days by Lesensky.cz agency, including graphic design and implementation of editorial system.

Case study

Realizace webu Trasko



Web presentation of construction, HVAC and other projects. Prepared in cooperation with Lesensky.cz agency.

Realizace webu Dental Direct

Dental Direct


Online product catalogue of a company supplying medical disinfectants

Realizace webu Rieter



Rieter's recruitment and presentation website. Presents the company's activities and history. Prepared in cooperation with the Lesensky.cz agency.

Case study

Realizace webu Unie advokátů

Unie advokátů


Web presentation of the professional association of lawyers.

Realizace webu Bidfood



Website of the owner of food brands Nowaco or Prima ice cream.

Realizace webu Baška, Chorvatsko

Baška, Chorvatsko


A simple website dedicated to the town of Baska on the Croatian island of Krk

Realizace webu Nazeleno



Web magazine focused on healthy living and energy saving

Realizace webu Střední průmyslová škola Třebíč

Střední průmyslová škola Třebíč


High school website with link to Google calendar

Realizace webu Ryant



Company website of a group offering specialized IT services.

Realizace webu Monitoring Lesensky.cz

Monitoring Lesensky.cz


A marketing tool to track media mentions and generate reports for PR and marketing agency clients.

Realizace webu Efektivní obec

Efektivní obec


Presentation of a project offering municipalities and cities easier implementation of activities aimed at their long-term effective development. The website rich in icons and illustrations runs on Drupal.

Realizace webu Edita



Web application for managing clients, projects, tasks and invoices

Realizace webu Czech Design Map

Czech Design Map


Online guide for design shopping. Map and store cards.

Realizace webu Books&Pipes



Eshop of a specialized publishing house with a long tradition

Realizace webu Sonka Skerik

Sonka Skerik


Professional website of a photographer and make-up artist.

Realizace webu HW cooling

HW cooling


Web magazine about hardware, Slovak and English

Realizace webu Driving Academy

Driving Academy


Offer of motoring literacy courses

Realizace webu Milevsko Monastery

Milevsko Monastery


Milevsko Premonstratensian Brothers Monastery website

Realizace webu Bakalka



Extended Language School website

Case study

Realizace webu Ordinační nábytek

Ordinační nábytek


Website of a company specializing in office furniture

Realizace webu Z-WARE



Website of a company offering meal voucher and attendance systems

Realizace webu PR Gang

PR Gang


PRgang offers a professional PR service beyond the edge of creativity.

Realizace webu SvětCMS



Regular news from the world of content management systems. This is my own blog, where I publish a weekly summary of changes and news that I've noticed in connection with various CMS.

Realizace webu B&P Research

B&P Research


Presentation website and web application on Drupal

Realizace webu MF TRADE armatury

MF TRADE armatury


Valve manufacturer's website

Realizace webu Mirosteel



Corporate presentation of the engineering company

Realizace webu CDK



Website and e-shop offering books, individual magazines and subscriptions

Realizace webu Příruby CNC

Příruby CNC


Company presentation of CNC flange manufacturer

Realizace webu Koupaliště Miroslav

Koupaliště Miroslav


Website of the swimming pool in the South Moravian town

Realizace webu Poliklinika Horníkova

Poliklinika Horníkova


Presentation of the medical facility

Realizace webu Idea Domov

Idea Domov


Eshop on Drupal with household products

Realizace webu LK Denta

LK Denta


Presentation of the dental clinic of Lukáš Krupička

Realizace webu Bobcat



Web presentations of Bobcat and Doosan machines

Realizace webu Vaculi



Eshop with children's clothing built on Drupal

Realizace webu 22HLAV



Company web presentation in Drupal

Realizace webu Stíhačky.cz



Blog dedicated to fighters and catalogue of fighter aircraft

Realizace webu Crikvenica, Chorvatsko

Crikvenica, Chorvatsko


Website dedicated to the town of Crikvenica in Croatia

Realizace webu Rybářská bašta

Rybářská bašta


Website of the restaurant at the Brno dam

Realizace webu Kancler



Web presentation with the offer of PENB processing

Realizace webu Njivice



A simple web presentation of the Croatian town of Njivice, located on the island of Krk. The website is built with Hugo tool, fast loading is provided by Swup library.

Case study

Realizace webu Ústav vodního hospodářství krajiny

Ústav vodního hospodářství krajiny


The website of the Institute of Landscape Water Management at the Faculty of Civil Engineering at Brno University of Technology. It offers important information for students and an introduction to the institute itself.

Realizace webu Polzer.cz



Czech version of this pages. They are built on the Symfony framework. It serves me as a simple professional presentation of my experience and service offerings.

Realizace webu Maxiorel



It's a matter of my heart. Maxiorel is a blog dedicated to computer technology, with a particular emphasis on programming and web development. It runs, as it were, on Drupal.

Realizace webu Geeks Toy

Geeks Toy


Betting program presentation, tutorials, videos, beginner's guide and blog. The website is powered by Drupal and is translated into English, English and Portuguese.

Realizace webu Ústav fotoniky a elektroniky

Ústav fotoniky a elektroniky


Website of a public research institution belonging to the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic. The website offers news about the activities of the institute and also offers a view of individual research teams.

Realizace webu Alerion



Website of a manufacturer of flags, pennants, flagpoles, stands and other related products. Multilingual website is built on Drupal content management system and describes all activities and offer of the company.

Realizace webu Pražský pinec

Pražský pinec


Information server about the popular game built for the Prague Table Tennis Association. Here you can find basic information about the association, news from its activities and a map of clubs.

Realizace webu LessCSS.cz



A simple information page about the LESS CSS preprocessor. A static site providing basic information about the dynamic stylesheet language.

Realizace webu Život s dietou

Život s dietou


A web magazine that covers topics related not only to healthy eating, but also to different food diets. In addition to articles, you will also find recipes on the Drupal site.

Case study

Realizace webu Brno Masáže

Brno Masáže


I once bought a forfeited domain and gradually built a catalogue of massage services in Brno and its surroundings. The current version of the site runs on the Hugo platform.


Over the past 15+ years, I have worked with a number of programmers and participated in or led dozens of major web projects. But I’ve never met a bigger pro. Jan is Mr. Programmer. Absolute top in the field.

Roman Kučera

Chief Executive Officer, LESENSKY.CZ s.r.o.

When creating the new face of the web sites of the individual institutes of the faculty, Mr. Polzer applied and programmed the Drupal system to the original graphic design and his colleague graphically modified everything according to the assignment to our full satisfaction. Throughout the cooperation, communication was at a high professional level. We appreciate especially the willingness, helpfulness and speed.

Ing. Petr Valenta

Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Communication, BUT

Mr. Polzer is a peculiar professional who is very good to work with. He responds quickly when an unexpected problem arises. In seven years I have learned many new things thanks to him, both in working on two versions of the site and in customized training.

Petr Vendera

IT department
Bidfood Czech Republic

We have been cooperating with Mr. Polzer for many years. He has programmed not only websites but also e-shop websites for our company. We have always been very satisfied with his work. He responds quickly, we also appreciate his practical approach and ability to offer new functional solutions without having to discount our own ideas.

Mgr. Tomáš Pokorný

Company founder, ALERION s.r.o.

In 15 years of online marketing I have never met a programmer as good as Mr. Polzer. He will solve any assignment to 100% satisfaction. He responds immediately, proactively makes suggestions for improvements. I can recommend Mr. Polzer with a clear conscience, he is a great professional in his field. We thank him for his cooperation.

Ing. Tomáš Čupr, PPC Profits

CEO, Digiadvert s.r.o.

We are a small e-shop and we have a simple and clear website which has been working well for several years. If anything needs to be modified, updated or an extra tweak added, there is always a quick and workable solution. I am met with precise work and a willingness to help at all times. I am very happy for our cooperation.

Daniela Fraňková


The development of the website went smoothly and within a short timeframe. The editing and debugging was seamless and the documentation detailed. The site management was thoughtfully designed without me having to interfere. Thank you.

Mgr. Marek Piliarik, Ph.D.

Head of the Nanooptics scientific team, ÚFE

I’m fascinated by how Jan can connect Drupal modules and create something new that wasn’t there before. He doesn’t layer features on top of each other, but thinks like an architect building a cathedral out of bricks. No code gluer could ever do that. Honza really understands Drupal.
We were building a small blog, but he approached the work as responsibly and professionally as if he were coding a million-dollar contract.

Pavel Hodál


I’m glad that in preparing the new site I was referred to professionals who understand what they are doing. Jan Polzer did a great job. He was able to hear what we wanted, gave advice, communicated effectively and got the site to the shape we wanted.

P. Zdík Miroslav Jordánek, O.Praem.

Doksany Parish

Thank you for the excellent website, I am extremely satisfied. The cooperation with Jan Polzer was excellent. Fast communication, well done work and precision. This describes the overall result. Thank you!!

MUDr. Jana Kupka Maděránková


Mr. Polzer was recommended to me by my webmaster at a time when my website needed to be fundamentally changed and updated and the original webmaster was not up to the task. The response to communication was super fast and the site is problem free. I just hope that Mr. Polzer will last me until (my) grave, which is likely given our age difference.

JUDr. Klára A. Samková, Ph.D.


Awards and Certifications

2nd place in websitescategory, Lemur awards (2021)
3rd place in Freelancer category, Drupal CS Awards (2019)
2× in TOP3, WebTop100 competition (2018, 2022)
1st place, in the SCIAP Competition, Internet category (2013)

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