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Doksany Parish


Doksany Parish

For the Roman Catholic parish of Doksany I prepared a website informing the faithful about current events and visitors about the history of the Premonstratensian monastery and its surroundings.

From old solution to Drupal

A parish administrator came to me on a recommendation, having taken over an existing website running on a subdomain of a once-popular website provider with free administration. Editing and inserting more content there was difficult and the site design was outdated and charged to the time of creation. Comfortable viewing on mobile devices was out of the question.

As a solution, we chose to move to a separate domain and new hosting. For the administration, we used the Drupal editorial system, with which the parish priest’s colleague had long positive experience.

Old Parish Doksany website
New website for Parish Doksany

Web design

After agreement with the client, we approached Štěpánka, with whom the parish has been cooperating for a long time.

I designed a whole new identity for the parish in Doksany. The pride of the Doksany parish is the Romanesque chapel with its beautiful column heads. I used a simplified spiral element and added the classic Montserrat font. The combination of the square icon and the title was also used on the website. Along with the restrained colour scheme, the style is complemented by the author's photographs - the monastery in Doksany is beautiful and the parish priest likes to take pictures. The result is thus a combination of geometrically clean and calm graphics with personal emotion. And that was the point.

Štěpánka Našincová

News and services

News and services

The website primarily serves the faithful, offering quick access to online services, an overview of current events, and a list of announcements.
Basic information

Basic information

The parish website cannot miss the introduction of the parish. Here we have also added additional information such as the Mission Window and the Sacramental Service.
A look into history

A look into history

The parish stands on a site steeped in history, so we have prepared an overview of the churches and a talk about the history and present of the monastery.
About Premonstrates

About Premonstrates

Doksany is associated with the Premonstratensian Order. Visitors to the site can read about their spirituality, the founder of the order, St. Norbert, or the Order of St. Augustine.


Interesting photographs are not to be missed on any website related to historical places. On this parish website you can see photos from the present and from the history before the parish was rebuilt.
Parish blog

Parish blog

The website should live as well as the parish and its current administrator has therefore decided to supplement the regular news with less official articles in the form of a blog.

Showcase of the new parish website


Drupal modules

The website is mainly focused on the presentation of texts and images. Therefore, the Paragraphs module is the basis of Drupal administration, with the help of which individual components are prepared, from which the editor composes the content of the pages in any order.

Listings of churches, information about Premonstratensians or photo galleries are handled by Views without dependence on third party modules.

Site administration

The graphic designer and I have come up with an interesting feature with a carousel/slider, where the website offers its reader a quick view of the photos directly in the list of churches, without having to click on the article in detail.

For the slider, I chose the Flickity library, which works without depending on jQuery.

SEO and website speed


I support onsite SEO in Drupal by combining Metatags and XML Sitemap modules.

Site speed

In the implementation, I deployed critical CSS, removed blocking sources, and had Drupal automatically convert all uploaded images to the modern WebP format.

Lighthouse Audit
I’m glad that in preparing the new site I was referred to professionals who understand what they are doing. Jan Polzer did a great job. He was able to hear what we wanted, gave advice, communicated effectively and got the site to the shape we wanted.

P. Zdík Miroslav Jordánek, O.Praem.

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