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A simple website for a manufacturer of menstrual aids and quality clothing made from beautiful bamboo knit fabrics. It offers an overview of products and serves as a signpost to other sites.

  • realization: March 2021
  • design: Ivan Kebeleš
  • development: Jan Polzer
  • platform: Drupal
  • implementation time: 1 month

From blog to company website

Meracus was the second project I did for this client. A bit earlier we collaborated on the redesign of the blog Kalíšek.cz, which is also dedicated to women’s topics.

In this case, the requirement was to create a simple website that covers the client’s activities. She presents her products on her blog, sells on her established e-shop, so what was left was an overarching company business card.

Old website Meracus
New website Meracus

Web design

Choosing a designer for this website did not take much time. My colleague Ivan and I had already completed several projects in the agency at that time, I liked his style, so I approached him with an offer of further cooperation.

When the request for a new Meracus website came in, the client had no visual identity. So it was necessary to define the style and tone of the visual communication of the site. Honza and I chose pastel tones complemented by a bold Playfair Display font. The entire presentation was beautifully complemented by client product photos. We, the client and the site visitors are happy with the result.

Ivan Kebeleš

Product presentation

Product presentation

The core of the site consists of samples of signature models of menstrual panties, cloth pads, underwear and leggings. All with short descriptions and decent photographs.
Selection guide

Selection guide

In addition to basic information about individual products, the website offers visitors a simple guide to choosing between different types and models of panties or pads.
Customer reviews

Customer reviews

Experience is important, which is why we have not forgotten the customer reviews on the website. There is a selection of them next to the product, a separate page allows you to filter reviews by product.
Tips for use

Tips for use

Since the products offered are not among the most widely used, new and existing customers will appreciate some tips on how to care for menstrual panties or cloth pads.
Company introduction

Company introduction

Of course, the company website must not omit the introduction of the company as such, not only its products. In the form of a brief business card on the website we also offer a story about the history of the sewing workshop.
Link to eshop

Link to eshop

Since the company would not exist without selling its products, we also think of an easy way to offer to buy products that will attract future customers. CTA is not missing on the website.

New Meracus website showcase


Business website on Drupal

This website is one of the smaller ones, but I built it on Drupal. It offers clear administration, which will come in handy when the client is adding new products and changing photos.

Drupal also provides automatic conversion of photos to WebP format. The more economical image format will have a positive effect on page loading speed. For a site with many photos, this is a big benefit.

Site administration
Site administration

Modular system

The structure of each page consists of an editorial and variable elements including benefits, model demos, FAQs, procedures, reviews or CTA banners.

That’s why I like to use the Paragraphs module in Drupal, in which I prepare individual components and just select from the prepared patterns when building the page content.

SEO and web site speed


I provide onsite SEO in Drupal by combining Metatags and XML Sitemap modules. There are pre-populated tokens in the administration for generating tags for search engines, which are easily overwritten by the site editor in case of need.

Site speed

With WebP support, critical CSS implementation and lazy loading, a Drupal website can achieve excellent scores in Core Web Vitals and fast loading times even on regular hosting.

Lighthouse Audit

Website Meracus.cz in numbers



Lighthouse score










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