Web Applications

Based on Symfony framework

I use the popular PHP framework to create custom web applications. Whether you need a website with special administration, an online calculator, a PDF invoice generator, an intranet application, a special bulletin board or any other online solution, I’m ready for it.
Web Applications written in Symfony

Classic websites and Symphony apps

Sample web application on Symfony
  • I started using Symfony to build fast websites where code quality was a top priority. Now I also use this PHP framework for building web applications of all kinds.
  • Among the solutions that I have implemented in the past, I can mention tracking the development of the investment portfolio, media monitoring, a bulletin board for monitoring the success of SEO optimizations, intranet applications, order management and contract registration.
  • I build Symfony-powered administration boards and analyses in combination with the JavaScript framework Vue.js.
  • I like to combine Symfony with other frameworks and tools, for example with headless Drupal. An interesting combination is Symfony for the frontend part of the site and Drupal as a content repository, which is communicated with via JSON API.

Selected implementations with Symfony

Realizace webu Ryant


Company website of a group offering specialized IT services.

Realizace webu Edita


Web application for managing clients, projects, tasks and invoices

Realizace webu Polzer.cz


Czech version of this pages. They are built on the Symfony framework. It serves me as a simple professional presentation of my experience and service offerings.

More references

Awards and Certifications

2nd place in websitescategory, Lemur awards (2021)
3rd place in Freelancer category, Drupal CS Awards (2019)
3× in TOP3, WebTop100 competition (2018, 2022, 2023)
1st place, in the SCIAP Competition, Internet category (2013)
2× placed in Web Excellence Award (2024), as myself and with Lesensky.cz

It often happens that the client requires a customized web application, which can be implemented using one of the content management systems. In such a case, I will always recommend a cheaper and faster solution.

Do you also want to web on Symfony?

We’ll discuss the options, I’ll give you a no-obligation quote for the project

If you are interested in my references, knowledge and offer and would like to collaborate on your project, please contact me. I can help you to realize smaller sites and larger web projects. Occasionally I also collaborate on partial tasks, such as programming a Drupal module or a WordPress plugin.

If we can’t agree on a collaboration, I’ll try to recommend one of my colleagues in the industry.

Jan Polzer