Cookies, personal data, GDOR

Cookies, personal data, GDOR

This website does not collect any data about its visitors apart from measuring traffic. I do not have a contact form here, all messages should be sent to me by email.

I don’t use remarketing here, so you don’t have to worry about seeing my ads on your Facebook and other sites you visit.

Sharing personal data with third parties

This website uses Plausible, a fully GDPR compliant and cookie-free service, to track our traffic. It only collects anonymised data about website traffic.

Don’t look for cookies here

You might be wondering: why is there no cookie bar popping up? The reason is simple, the site doesn’t store any cookies.

Downloading content

Any copying of content from this site is prohibited. Logos, partner names and client trademarks may be subject to special protection by their owners.

Contact the owner

Contact details of the website owner in relation to these terms and conditions: jan@polzer.cz. Please see the Contact page for details.