Web development

for your company, product, or service

Corporate web presentations, business cards of individuals and institutions, product and service presentations, microsites, blogs or magazines. These are the most common types of websites that clients contact me with. I can also realize your ideas for a design e-shop or intranet application.
Web development


I’ve relied on Drupal since 2004, and over the years it has served me well for both small and large sites. I know it in depth, creating not only appearance themes but also custom modules. I am Acquia Certified.
Let's go to Drupal together


Who doesn’t know the most popular content management system of today. I use WordPress for smaller, content-oriented projects. I am able to write both themes and plugins for it.
WordPress in premium quality


For the last few years I have been exploring the possibilities of sites built on static site generators. I’ve taken a liking to Hugo, which offers lightning-fast generation of even large-scale projects.
I want a lightning fast secure website


You can build anything on Drupal. But there are still a number of reasons to get into custom development. I’m building on Symfony, which is what Drupal and other content management systems run on.
Web with Symfony without compromise
Design e-shops

Design e-shops

I do not build large custom e-shops or compete with rented e-shop solutions. They have their place. That is, until you decide on a specialty.
I need custom designed e-shop

Last realized websites

Realizace webu OR


Website for suppliers of IT solutions for B2B and public sector. Created in Lesensky.cz agency.

Realizace webu COMAX roofs

COMAX roofs

I built the website of the leading Czech manufacturer of sheet metal roofing COMAX within Lesensky.cz.

Realizace webu ENBRA


A family-owned business with products and solutions for energy savings and heat and water metering. Realized in Lesensky.cz

Realizace webu VKR technologies

VKR technologies

Web presentation of a technology company built in Lesensky.cz agency.

Realizace webu Market Sport

Market Sport

I created a website for a sports marketing agency during my time at Lesensky.cz.

Realizace webu Solarlook


Presentation offering professional aerial inspection services for photovoltaic power plants.

More references

How the website creation is done

Contract, deposit, structure, wireframe

After signing the contract I will start designing the structure of the site and creating the wireframe model according to the prepared assignment. I will also request payment of the deposit. It is 50% of the price of the website. For regular clients we can do without the deposit.

Graphic design

After commenting and agreeing on the wireframe model capturing the placement of elements on the web page and the structure of the site, my colleague and I start preparing the graphics. That is, an image representing the finished website 1:1.

Preparing your site on a temporary URL

We’ll save the stories about the web developers who are working on the project for the last fortnight before the deadline. We’ll be in touch from the start, and you’ll be able to follow the progress of the site anytime after you load the development copy.

Testing and launching the site

After coding, we will fill the site with content, revise it and then incorporate comments. I will help you with the selection of a suitable web hosting, or I will arrange it completely. Transferring the site and getting it up and running is a matter of course. If you have your own server, I will provide assistance to its administrator.

Further development of the running website

Our cooperation does not end with the launch of the new website. We will continue to stay in touch for regular maintenance and security updates. I will be on hand for adjustments resulting from SEO analysis, PPC, social media advertising campaigns and online marketing in general.
Great, let's do it together

I follow new technologies

Awards and Certifications

2nd place in websitescategory, Lemur awards (2021)
3rd place in Freelancer category, Drupal CS Awards (2019)
3× in TOP3, WebTop100 competition (2018, 2022, 2023)
1st place, in the SCIAP Competition, Internet category (2013)
2× placed in Web Excellence Award (2024), as myself and with Lesensky.cz

Jan Polzer

I’m a team player

Creating a successful website is not the business of an individual

If you want to create a professional-looking website that users can easily navigate, you need to involve more people than just the programmer. I work with a number of professionals in their respective fields.

With a graphic designer, we will prepare a web design in one job and with a frontend coder we will convert it into a live website. I am happy to recommend UX specialists, SEO and online marketing experts or social media specialists.

I also work as Web Development & Marketing Director at Lesensky.cz agency, where we are happy to put your web needs in the context of overall marketing and PR.

And if I am unable to accept your assignment, I will be happy to recommend a colleague who will take on your project with due diligence.


What technologies do I build websites on?
I have been focusing on PHP since the beginning of my practice. Gradually, I have anchored with Drupal and WordPress content management systems. In recent years I have added the Hugo static page generator and the Symfony PHP framework. As for JavaScript, I use pure ES6 and the Alpine.js or Vue.js frameworks. In the CSS world, I use Tailwind and occasionally Bootstrap.
What tools and utilities do I use?
I work primarily on macOS and use multi-platform apps. My code is written in PhpStorm and Visual Studio Code. I open graphics in Figma, Adobe XD and Affinity programs. I run Debian Linux on my own servers. My task management is handled by Trello, Word documents and Google Docs. I do technical checking of the site from SEO point of view with Sitebulb tool.
How is website deployment done?
I still have a number of projects that were historically built directly on FTP. But for new projects I prefer GIT. I work with either GitHub or Gitea, with deployment handled by either GitHub Actions or Drone.io.
What browsers do my websites work in?
Of course, in all the currently widely used ones. You will receive all web projects as a perfect display in Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Edge browsers, including their mobile variants, in the versions up-to-date on the date of delivery.
How long does it take to create a website?
Each project has its own needs and I give it due care. Depending on the size of the site and current capacity, allow two weeks to a month for graphic design and a month or two for programming. Add to that the time for your comments and their incorporation, creation of textual content, analysis of the project and collection of all supporting documents.
Can we just arrange a consultation?
I’m sure. I help individuals and companies, especially when it comes to developing websites on the Drupal content management system. I’m also happy to arrange some form of mentoring for younger and aspiring web developers.

Do you also want a new website?

We’ll discuss the options, I’ll give you a no-obligation quote for the project

If you are interested in my references, knowledge and offer and would like to collaborate on your project, please contact me. I can help you to realize smaller sites and larger web projects. Occasionally I also collaborate on partial tasks, such as programming a Drupal module or a WordPress plugin.

If we can’t agree on a collaboration, I’ll try to recommend one of my colleagues in the industry.

Jan Polzer